To Town

Today was a day in the town. Despite being “Cruise-Ship Friday” (a day without parking), I needed to go in and deliver my Heart❤️Felt sheep to Jamieson’s Knitwear shop on Commercial Street.

The street was buzzing and there were visitors about.  Always good to see.

I dropped Floss off at her appointment and went on to herd my latest flock into their new field.

Both types (woolly and curly) sheep are a huge success and any spare minute through the day will find me making more sheep.  I try to make at least one and a half sheep a day to keep up with demand.  Hopefully when the tourist season dies down, I can keep making and create a bit of a stockpile at home so there is less of a rush.

These are Jamieson’s shop windows based on the poem “Shetland Gairden” by Vagaland.  I think it is a beautiful and inspired idea to match their immense wool range with the colours of Shetland’s wild flowers.


The weather sadly deteriorated through the day but we found a nice spot for lunch (fish and chips sat in the car) while being watched by a scrounging seagull.

And now we are home with our messages done and friends caught up with.  You always meet someone you know on the Street.  I also managed to deliver my Minion leaflets to various strategic tourist information spots so I feel we have achieved.

Lambie is pleased I am home.

🌸🐝🌷🐝 🌺🐝🌼
Oh yes, sadly Buzzy Bee 🐝 died last night.
Rest in peace among the flowers little Buzzy.
I am sorry we could not help you.
🌸🐝🌷🐝 🌺🐝🌼



6 thoughts on “To Town

  1. Kerry

    You are so enterprising- great that your sheep are being scattered hither and yon.
    Envy you the rain as its been scorching hot down here today! Wanted to work on garden and just had to content myself with tidying up our lovely shady patio. Can’t wait to get up

  2. Cathy

    Apparently bumblebees only live for 28 days, so perhaps Buzzy just enjoyed his last couple of days in comfort with you.

    I love the shop window displays you show on here. Whatever the season, they are so creative and make the best possible use of all the wonderful Shetland goodies. Not fancy London shopfronts, but just perfect and in harmony with the lovely stone buildings and streets.

    I could easily spend a fortune!

  3. Linda Loba

    So sorry about Buzzie…but you did all you could, and that’s all a person can do. I am still so happy about the fact that you tried; we have to try to be there for the wild ones whenever possible.

    P.S. Poor Bra – not the first person to eat their way through sadness. Here’s hoping the new “contraption” works – and works quickly.


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