To Be Minioned

The verb – To be Minioned.

Here is the definition, in case you have been wondering:  To be sitting in a field when little Minions come racing up to be loved and hugged.

L1170784 L1170786 L1170787

By being loved and hugged, I mean this….

This is essential Minion therapy for everyone and this is typical Minion behaviour.

L1170811 L1170807 L1170825 L1170845

Storm decided he would practice his rollkur – such an important practice (read horrible – I abhor it in real life).

L1170836 L1170829 L1170830

Because, at the end of the day, Storm could achieved this.


This is our idea of heaven.  It don’t get any better for any of us.


1 thought on “To Be Minioned

  1. Linda

    For those of us lucky enough to have “magic moments” with our furry loved ones, you’re so right: it doesn’t get any better!


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