Three against One

I went for a ride today.

I know I am supposed to wait until January but …..

(and here I will list my reasons) :-

1.  My private physio said it was a good idea.

2.  My NHS physio said she didnt see why not.

3.  My Pain Clinic Consultant Anaesthetist said he couldn’t see why not either.

4.  I needed to.  I promised to myself to only get on and remain in walk.

So three professional opinions plus mine meant I tacked up the Piggy-Porker, aka Haakon who is ginormous and shoeless.


Jo squozed Iacs into a saddle and girth combo.  It was touch and go at one stage and that girth did not need tightening, ever.


I got on and Haakon lost the ability to stand still for his photo.  We walked round the school just to determine if everything worked vaguely – steering, brakes, etc.

L1050839 L1050842

And then we went out, remaining in walk and put the world into perspective. It needed doing.


We weren’t out for long.  We just walked for a bit along the road, watching the two boys communicate with each other by the language of twitching inside ears!  When we had reached a certain point, they both swung round like synchronised swimmers and decided to go home.  So we swung them back and went a little further, trying to make the point that we were the ones in charge, thank you very much.


Klængur’s abscess seems to have burst through the sole of his hoof and he is walking much better so Jo put a poultice on to draw the nasty smelly yuk out.


Klængur immediately seems much less hoppity and Jo will dress his foot daily.  As we had no VetWrap, I will buy some tomorrow in town (physio and flute lesson).  Meanwhile, we used gaffer tape (Duct tape) as a substitute.

L1050853 L1050857 L1050860

Klængur is living with Staff Nurse Ever-Optimistic (for-a-Carrot) around the house for a while.


(I do not want to be blasted for riding, please – it was perfect and a necessity)

7 thoughts on “Three against One

  1. meg

    lovely to know you’re back on the proverbial and real horse 🙂
    and what ever makes your soul soar and does not hurt you.. well.. does not hurt you 😀
    greets from the nerd-herd. and thanks for the super lovely advent calendar… all those fuzzy buttskies *swons*

  2. martine

    Wouldn’t dream of scolding you it’s great to see you back on board.
    I actually prefer duct tape to vetwrap for poulticing cos it’s a bit less porous


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