The Strike Stops

I am not feeling the love for Fivla and Vitamin. They are preventing the Minions from getting any grass.  They just want them to watch them eat and while having nothing. It is disgraceful.  There is food if the Minions care to look for it.

So today, I led Waffle, with the others following, off to find some grass.

They have been picketing for too long.  The strike had to stop.

Everyone was very pleased to move on.

Everyone, except for Albie, who just could not leave his Fivla.  His second mother.

I told him he had to.

And Albie quickly agreed and moved onwards and upwards with his friends.

So, yes, everyone was far away.

Meanwhile, Vitamin ……

…. and Fivla were furious.

They stomped up and down the fence shouting.

And, yes, they shouted all day.

And they waited……

And waited.  I know this because when I went back this evening to check with Mandy, my flute duet friend, I found Fivla and Vitamin still waiting and still shouting.

The Minions were miles away happily eating grass!

2 thoughts on “The Strike Stops

  1. diane in northern wis

    So you led the minions to a wonderful field of grass…..they couldn’t find it on their own so thank goodness for you! And the other two are still back there pouting and yelling. Oh well.


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