The Odd Quintet

Today it was Waffle’s turn to learn some manners.


The daily dog walk consisted of me, Waffle, Lambie, BeAnne and Loki.  We went on the road and everyone had to behave.


Previously, Waffle had been a bit gobby when we went out and I so am determined that my Minions will have exemplary manners and be well behaved at all times when out and about.  What they do in their own field, is up to them, but they are now old enough to behave and I was rather disappointed at everyone’s behaviour during our last jaunt.


I don’t think I am asking for rocket science.  I just want my boys to lead nicely and to walk without being distracted by the locals to the point of pushing me around to get their own way.


Waffle was first up for training.  I am aiming to work with a Mininon every time I take the dogs out, if I can.


Waffle was much nicer today.  We had words about biting the hand that feeds and leads and, after that, he walked nicely beside me, stopping when I stopped and I didn’t feel anymore little teeth on my hand.


Lambie thought it was quite a good idea to bring other friends along but, as he is not a huge fan of any Minions, he had to gather up all his courage and shoot past at 100mph, like a woolly bullet, to join his leader, BeAnne!


Loki, as ever, disowned us all.

We did get a few odd looks from passers by.  One Shetland sheep walking with one Shetland pony is not a sight often seen walking together, plus two scruffy dogs with one scruffy person!


4 thoughts on “The Odd Quintet

  1. Sam

    What? Neighbors have never seen a LambDog on a walk??? Glad to hear Waffle behaved. Looking forward to seeing the other 3 Minions out and about.


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