The Most Beautiful Girls in the World

I am flying south (fog-willing – we have been fogbound most of the day here) to spend a week with my mother in the Home Counties.

So I went round saying my goodbyes to all my horses and ponies.  I leave at the crack of sparrows (05:00) tomorrow and take two flights, changing at Aberdeen for Heathrow.

I shall miss my chaps and chapesses but it will be lovely to spend time with my mother.

I know Sóley will change in just a week  Her baby foal fluff is falling out now and she is much darker underneath. I will have to convince my daughters to take photos for me so I can keep up-to-date.

Sóley has already grown two front teefs which she is very proud of.

And quite right too.  She is a very beautiful little filly.


Lilja is looking pretty fantastic too.  She was wandering about looking moody in the mysterious foggy light.  She is still very taken with Sóley who divides her time equally between her sister and her mother with lots of lovely cantering in between up and down the hills.  It is delightful to watch and of course I never have the camera.


So that’s me all ironed and packed getting ready for the Big Smoke and the Big Heat.  It is very hot south – about double what it is here.  I am not a fan of being hot so will complain bitterly.  I have told everyone I will miss them.  I imagine taking Haakon with me on the journey and unpacking him for my mother to meet.  She would get a surprise!

2 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Girls in the World

  1. Sam

    Safe travels, stay hydrated in the heat. Have the family post lots of pictures of Horses, Minions, Sheeples and her Mag.

  2. Louise Stopford

    What delightful photo’s!! What an adorable new little girl you have and Llilja looks fantastic. Hope you have a pleasant journey and don’t find it too hot. I always check the temperature in Lerwick and compare it to London and you are right, it is nearly double. My husband hates the heat so I tell him we had better sell up and move to Shetland (so far he is having none of it). I wonder if your mum has ever met your horses and ponies – would she be able to make the journey one day? Enjoy your time with your mum and safe travelling.


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