The love that dare not speak its name

I caught them.  I saw it with my own two eyes.  I could not believe it.  I am scarred.  We are all scarred.

Back Story:
Last night I was going upstairs to bed taking BeAnne with me (she sleeps beside my bed).  The staircase goes straight into the bedroom.

And there in wait was Wuss.


Waiting for BeAnne.

He buffed her with his nose (we call it a nose kissey when he does it to  us) and then licked her!


Poor BeAnne was in shock.  She didn’t know what to do. This had never happened before.  Well, not with a cat.


Wuss then collapsed on purpose in a fat heap and blocked BeAnne’s path to her own bed.


BeAnne was stuck so she sat down and looked pathetically at Wuss.  I told her to jump over him but she refused knowing full well that he would spike her as she went over.  He had a glint in his eye.


To end this torment, I picked Wuss up and BeAnne breathed a sigh of relief and ran to her bed.


I will be booking her into therapy next.  She has not been the same today at all.


Meanwhile, I was howling with laughter.  I have never seen Wuss do that before.   It was very funny, though.

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