The Lost Photo

A day of frustration.  I am writing today’s blog on my iPad.

Last night I changed my remembrance poppy photo Facebook banner to a photo of Newt, Waffle and Storm playing that I had found in my FB photo pile.

The picture received many “Likes” and much admiration.  Apparently it should be for sale.

Well, it could, if I had the original!

Bugger, bugger, bugger.

I deleted it a few months back when I had a panic attack on how little space there was on my laptop.  How could I be so stupid?  I am never throwing anything away ever again.

So, I have spent the day searching for the photo. I know where it appears on the blog so I know vaguely when I took it.

Can I find it?  No.  I have spent the whole day looking for it.

I have now resorted to buying a photo recovery scanning software which resulted in some chap somewhere (hopefully their legit customer service) having to remote access my hard disk to create and save a disk image.  Once done then I will then scan that. And maybe, just maybe, find the illusive photo.

Meanwhile, while I am searching, here is some music.  Of course I know want this photo more than anything.

7 thoughts on “The Lost Photo

  1. Sam

    The remote dude will say these words “make a back-up”.
    And YES you should sell this picture. It is amazing and loving and wonderful.
    It shows what love and kindness looks like.

  2. Linda K

    You could compile a book with your photos. That would sell, I’m sure.
    and I love this one , it shows what a bond they have. They all seem to have great temperaments and that’s all down to you.

  3. Cathy

    I occasionally print out some of your special photos. It might be worth asking if anyone who follows your blog has done this with the one you are missing.


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