The Graduate – The Sequel

Everyone is happy and well in their respective fields.  Hetja, Hjalti, Waffle and Silver are one happy family.  Hetja will even suffer Minions eating out of her bowl.  She bosses them all around and they all stand where they are put.  She definitely has The Look that all mothers have.  It needs no words – we all know what it means.


The Big Boys are happy together.


Silver and Storm left them this morning and have moved in with the Ladies, Vitamin and Delia.  They didn’t need asking twice and trotted enthusiastically into their field after breakfast.

Vitamin was poking her head out of the shed door.

Vitamin:  I don’t think there’s room in here, Storm dear.
Storm:  Au contraire (giving a hefty shove)
Tiddles:  Room for a little one – make way (clambering in through everyone’s legs!)
Delia:  Hello, dearies.


So now the shed fits four and there is no arguing or anything really.


It is snug but they all want to be together.  Delia and Vitamin seem far less fed up now, even venturing out with the boys to have some grass and fresh air.  Storm and Tids are enjoying being the men of the house!


Lambie has discovered a new love – carrots!


I have to hold them for him like a lollipop so he can crunch his way through.  Put it on the floor and he immediately loses interest so I stand outside, for what feels like hours in the freezing cold, feeding carrots to Lambie (and Lambert).  Lambster is not sure about this new development but has learned to run almost properly and to give nose kisseys (luffley).  He is nearly a normal sheep.


I went out for a little drive just to see what the wave situation was – good with lovely colours.  Enjoy my drive. I sat in the car with the heater on full blast, taking photos out of the window!

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7 thoughts on “The Graduate – The Sequel

  1. Linda

    The colors of the sea are just beautiful!
    (We have a program here in the US where seniors work with children – or vice versa; wonder if that’s what’s going on with the Minions and the Grand Old Ladies?)

  2. Cassie

    I tried giving my sheepies “baby French” carrots (milled down to about 2/3 the size of your little finger). I had to break them in half so they could get them in their mouths, and then had the amusement of watching them toss and bob their heads maniacally, trying to use gravity to get the bits located back by their molars. Someday they may learn that tongues are for pushing food around inside their mouths.

    I dropped by the other day after their feed had been put out, when it is generally hard to get their attention. I rattled my little pellet container, and they bounced out to see me (or rather the food). So sweet to see their enthusiasm. I haven’t seen them run and play since they were little lambs.

  3. Sam

    Love the picture of the four new roommates all jammed in the shed. I hope this sharing of body heat will help Delia this winter. And Storm too! Love the carrot chomping shot!

  4. Cathy

    I still think Humbug would have been a good name for Lambster. He could have had so much seasonal fun being Baa Humbug.


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