The Garden Today

Lots of rain last night and then this morning no wind, nothing at all.

So I went out with the camera to play.


Its amazing what you see when you upload the photos.  I never knew about this little chap (loving the hairy legs!)


The Bumble Bees were also making an effort on the last of the blue flowers (I think it is Aconitum napellus – holy cow, I’ve just found out it is the most poisonous plant in the garden).  The flowers had suffered in the recent storm but were still trying.  This poor Bumble Bee is, I think again, the Garden Bumblebee, Bombus hortorum.  Horrid mites on them all.

I used the Shetland Amenity Trust Shetland Bumble Bee Survey for identification.  If I am wrong, please tell me.  I hate having wrong information on t’net – my pet peeve.


And talking of pet peeves, here is one I prepared earlier.  I am forgiven, of course, for Loki biting her yesterday.  This is BeAnne’s birdwatching stance.  She understands sign language!


We were watching this little chap who was on very good form for weird and wonderful postures.  Someone ate all the pies!


Bless him, this is a favourite!


It was a good morning. I didn’t know that a blue bottle fly could look so beautiful.  What impressive colours.


Just in case you think my day was a complete waste, I did ride, lunge, school, work with and clean all the horses in the afternoon.


4 thoughts on “The Garden Today

  1. Linda

    Just beautiful – I enjoyed them all!
    Isn’t it interesting when you get to see something like a “common” fly and realize they’re really quite beautiful with all those colors. And boy, that bird has an angry face in one of the photos. Probably feeling grumpy from the rain…

  2. Linda K

    Lovely photos I like the raindrops. How fragile the wings look on these small creatures.
    The bird is comical. I think it’s warning you to stay off its patch.


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