The Flowers in my Field

I went for a walk in the fields today, armed with the camera (obviously).

The Summer flowers are just beginning to start flowering while the Spring ones are dying down.


I should really know all their names but I will be honest, I don’t.  However, I do appreciate them all, and think they are very special.  Every year, when they do appear, it is like seeing old friends.  There are no new species.  Just the same but still beautiful.

BN2A0502BN2A0506   BN2A0519 BN2A0528 BN2A0532 BN2A0540 BN2A0544 BN2A0554 BN2A0557 BN2A0561 BN2A0563

I have identified them so far but could be wrong…

If you want to educate me, send me the list and I will put it at the bottom of the blog.

Marsh Marigold
Bog Cotton or Common Cotton grass
Early Marsh-Orchid
Common Dog Violet (?)
Heath Spotted-orchid
Field Forget-me-not
Spring Squill
Meadow Vetcling or Common Bird’s-foot-trefoil
Red Campion

And Fakur fast asleep in the sun.  It was very hot, for us.  Too hot and I was quite crabby while BeAnne ate grass and made constant sick noises.


Oh yes, and I met a froggie as well.  And now I am off to look up said froggie to identify him.


I am thinking he is a common froggie but still, I do like him (or her) very much.

1 thought on “The Flowers in my Field

  1. Nicky Callam

    So beautiful. Nearly as delicious as the lovely Boris, still my favourite though I have a soft spot for the bebbies.


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