The Best Therapy

Today has not been brilliant.


  • There was a tissue in the wash.  I HATE TISSUES IN THE WASH. It went everywhere and yes, the clothes were black.  The worst type of colour for a tissue involvement.
  • Then my lovely Rudall Carte flute broke while I was practising duets.  It was stuck playing B♭ instead of B.  This resulted in Daisy and I only playing F major or D minor music.  It makes practice limiting not that we were trying very hard.

So the big lads came round to cheer me up.


Yes, Daisy had left the front door open and let in a handsome one ….


… who was very curious.


BeAnne did her best to repel borders…..


….. until others were involved.


Mugshots of the intruders were taken for the police.

L1090648 L1090657

Being mugged by the boys makes me smile.  If they could beg, they would, so obviously carrots were dutifully dished out in large quantities.  Daisy and I even considered letting them into the sitting room but my OH would’ve seriously objected.


Visitors fully make up for the tissue/washing debacle as well as the stuck B♭ on my flute.

5 thoughts on “The Best Therapy

  1. Linda

    Absolutely! How could you not be cheered up by your curious friends!
    (You have my full sympathy about the tissues – last week “someone” left something papery and BLUE in a pocket. I just let everything dry, give it a good shake – whip out the vacuum – and catch the rest with masking tape.)


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