The Best of Friends

These two are the best of friends which is lovely.

They share beautifully.

It is good to see.

These days, there is not a nasty word between them, ever.

Inside, Monster has made himself very much at home.

While outside, he remains totally invisible.

BeAnne is happy and smiley, which makes me happy and smiley.

(This is not going to be a long blog – migraine.)


7 thoughts on “The Best of Friends

  1. Carol L. Bouchard

    many migraines are un balanced hormones….tried progestorone cream…& mine went away..
    worth a try…those migraines are your site!!!!

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you. I have had them all my life. My first words where “I have a headache and I feel sick” according to my mother. They are stress related.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    At least you’ll have some happiness knowing the two of BFF’s, even with your migraine. Hope it doesn’t last long and you’re up and about soon. Take care.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Thank you for the lovely pictures of two of my faves at your place! So sorry about your migraine….hope you’re feeling better very soon, Frances.

  4. Sam

    Time makes good friends out of most critters. Sorry about the migraine. Perhaps a purring Monster on one’s lap would help?


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