The Best Laid Plans

I had today all planned out nicely in my head.  Some riding, mucking out, feeding, walking the dogs, etc….

That went straight in the bin.

My back gave a ginormous warning twinge in the shower of things to come, with pain enough for me swear.  I am standing on the edge of the cliff now.

Feeling weak, I went to get dressed, etc, only to find Wu lying on the bed which he always does this time of day.  I stroked his side found a bit of something on his fur. I was picking it off, thinking it was abnormal, he is such a clean boy when suddenly, I saw his flank was ripped open down to the muscle.


Shit.  Quickly dressing, phoning the vet to make an appointment, rushing to shed to find cat box, lining cat box with washable vetbed, all the while praying to all the Gods that Wu would be co-operative.


I snuck up on him, piled him into the box and shut it.  Phew!  Drove like a mad thing to the vet who sedated him and stitched the inside bits.


Surprisingly, Wu was very good.  I did mention to the vet that Wu might bite but he just shoved his head into my armpit and said nothing (Wu, not vet).


Wu is home now and in a vile mood.  He is growling to himself upstairs and  I have left a bowl of lightly poached white fish for him and turned the heating on.


Oh, and meanwhile, Haakon and Iacs, who were mooching round outside the house as Haakon has a hoof abscess (bugger it), ran out of the gate when I opened it to drive home.  I managed to bribe Iacs back by rattling a bucket of barley rings but Haakon just stood in the hill looking sullen, so I thought sod it, and left him.

He came home eventually looking a little embarrassed.  So he is only lame when he walks but can bugger off at full speed into the hill when it suits him.


Healing vibes for Wu please.

(and that is why, dear Readers, I was late putting up the Advent Calendar photo for today)


12 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. celeste

    Oh dear, what a horrible day. Sending you lots of warm, soft vibes and wishes for speedy healing for all of you. Hope everybody feels better real soon. Is BeAnne keeping you company, at least?

  2. Linda

    Talk about not catching a break today! Wu is on the mend, the horses are in, hope you’re able to get some rest now!
    (and yeah, don’t you love it when they “pretend” to be oh-so-ill, but leave them alone, and off they run)

  3. Terri

    Oh, poor dear Wussums! (not to mention you and Haakon — yikes, what a day!) Hope you all sleep soundly tonight and wake up better….
    xos from the Pacific NW


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