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The best bit about having The Minions (apart from the obvious) is meeting new people who have read The Blog and want to contribute in some way – not in a financial way, as obviously, according to some, I have made thousands of pounds out of my self-promotion, but in a spare-piece-of-kit-that-might-be-useful sort of way.

Today, Yvette appeared with a fabulous barely-worn warm rug for Storm and some little headcollars.  I like to put a dry rug on him if required every day.  It means I can sleep at night knowing he has some protection against the Shetland weather.

(Stardust lost his goat-coat overnight and Storm’s hood was falling off this morning).


I called the boys into the shed and introduced Yvette and her bag of carrots to them.


They were very keen to meet the bag of carrots (and Yvette too).


Now this is very interesting – little Stardust came up to ask for a carrot.  He has never done this before, usually staying at the back saying nothing.  So this is a first for him.  A little step.

BN2A3119 BN2A3130

Luckily Yvette is a horsey person so therefore used to trying ridiculous ideas out.  I wanted to see what Waffle would do if I put BeAnne on his back.


The result was absolutely nothing.  He wandered off, ignoring his new passenger, even when she jumped off.  So that is Waffle lightly backed.


While Yvette was here, I asked her to help me measure the boys in height and bone (the size of a horse’s bone is an indication of its strength).

Silver is 34.5″ high with 6.5″ of bone
Waffle is 33.5″ high with 6.25″ of bone
Storm is 31″ high with 6″ of bone
Stardust is 27.5″ high with 5″ of bone.

My little boys are growing.



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