That Time Again

It is that time of decade again – when I decide to redesign the Thordale website.


The site is horribly out-of-date and has been praying on my mind for a while.


I have a few new ideas and want a completely new look.


I am only truly inspired when I am forced to stay indoors because of the bad weather and today we are having the other half of the past few days’ gale.


I did manage to get outside briefly at lunchtime, when there was a slight lull, to feed those that needed feeding and to take off Hjalti’s poultice/bandage to inspect his now-healing abscess.  The fresh air was forced into my lungs at 50mph.


But back to the f—-ing website because this is what it has been renamed!


I have to force myself to stay focussed and not to go off looking for Wu so I can take some photos of him looking particularly gorgeous.


I failed dismally.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.10.56

Website – a little bit of time spent
Wu – lots of time spent because I just can’t resist.


5 thoughts on “That Time Again

  1. Terri

    Well, at least you have your priorities straight. (And Wu looks happy about it — except for his Halloween scary grin, eek!)

  2. jan

    Great to see Wu, he looks very comfortable on his bed. The bad weather isn’t affecting him, then! Well done on the website, but I was struggling with the Latin….

  3. Sam

    Wu deserves camera time just like the other critters in your home. Looking mighty fine Wu!
    Good luck with the gale and the website.


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