Thank you Fivla and Vitamin

Continuing on from yesterday with Santa in Lerwick, I made a short film so you can see just how well behaved Fivla and Vitamin were as they paraded through the street – the balloons, the ringing bell, the noise, the crowds – so proud of my girls.

Today we decided to put them back in their winter field, having finished with fame for the time being.  Back to being normal Shetland ponies again.


Jo caught Vitamin and Fivla went all silly.  So I put my camera down and was went to put a headcollar on her because when Fivla has one of her diva moments, only her Mum understands – ie, me!


I called Fivla and showed her “the tissue of lies” (a slightly used tissue I found in my pocket), told her it was made of carrots and it worked like a charm.  Fivla and I know each other very well.  She has been part of our family for 17 years.  I know what makes her tick.


We left Velvereta to keep Velia, her half sister with the abscess, company.


She is happy to take on her nursing job and she is very pregnant too.


The girls were walked down the road to the waiting trailer.


Thank the Gods that both ponies load without any fuss. We can’t be doing with difficult ponies or horses anymore.  No more arguments.  Just in and done.


We put them into the field and they instantly spied their friends eating in the distance.


This is a huge field where they will stay for the winter or until the grass has gone.


And off Fivla and Vitamin rushed to tell everyone how they spent an afternoon with some man in red shouting and ringing a bell and it was all very strange.  I wonder what they thought of it all.



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