Tempting Providence

I bottled out yesterday (lost my nerve) and kept the bebbies in their small paddock as I didn’t want everyone to meet over the fence in the rain and hear screams in the night…… (yes, my imagination did run riot).

So, this morning, I wanted to ride and the horses couldn’t have been further away if they tried but were settled and stuffing their faces (all the more reason to ride as I don’t want some to get much fatter!)


I brought the bebbies out to be brushed, have feet picked out and do some nice leading.  I thought it would also tempt the big ones down to investigate and save me the long walk.


It didn’t.


So I gave up and let the boys eat the grass down around the house for a few hours, ever hopeful the big guys would come over.

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Err, nope.


So, I let the little boys get used to having the dogs around.  I am fed up with the unnecessary chasing.


The babies investigated all they could.


Shall we place bets as to how long it is before someone comes inside? (perhaps when my OH is in Lerwick!)


Meanwhile, the Icelandic horses started to resemble cow creamers.


And the bebbies went one way….


And the Icelandics, the other.


***** sigh ***** I bet they meet tonight and all hell will break loose over the fence.


Maybe, I should bring the bebbies into my house tonight ………..

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