Taylor Tours – tailormade for you!

Introducing Taylor Tours – tailormade for you!
(see what I did there?  Geddit?)

This is the last clear day before Shetland is battered by endless wind and rain. It seemed, therefore, sense to take my visitors up to the North end of the island and show them the beautiful scenery.

This is Mavis Grind – where the distance between the North Sea (right side, 1st photo) and the Atlantic Ocean (left side, 2nd photo) is 33 metres wide.  This used to be a regular crossing point for boats – men would drag them over the road and onto the other bank rather than sail all the way round.


image image

Although blustery, the light was spectacular and I drove my friends around showing them all the  special places.


This is Ronas Hill – Shetland’s highest hill (450 metres) and is made of pink granite.

image image

On we drove northwards past the sea stacks.


The rock arch Dore Holm or “drinking horse” behind a field of Shetland ponies.  It is a small islet with an excellent natural arch.


Eshaness Lighthouse is situated on Northmavine peninsula.


Looking south back towards Sandness hill in the far distance.  Funny to think I live the other side of that hill on the horizon.


So we covered many miles and I took them on the scenic route a few times!  At one stage we missed Eshaness lighthouse completely because we were talking so much.

A perfect day with excellent company.  Home now and the hatches are well and truly battened down ready for the oncoming gale.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 21.34.34

Our last day of calm for a while.



5 thoughts on “Taylor Tours – tailormade for you!

  1. Vicki

    Sea stacks look like teeth with you in the maw of some gargantuan creature. Hope everyone, dogs, ponies, horses, cats, and people are cozy through the storm. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos and places.

  2. Terri

    Thank you for this lovely tour of north Shetland — beautiful and interesting. Five stars for Taylor Tours!
    Hope everyone stays safe and warm….do Lambie and Lambert know about gales yet?

  3. Sandra Coffman

    Beautiful pictures as always. Wish I had the money to travel, Shetland would be at the top of my list!!!!


  4. Darby

    such a beautiful place! now I know why years ago the daughter of friends, an artist, decided to travel there to paint. she fell in love with the island and also a young man who lived there. they married and raised their family in the US, but I have wondered if they ever returned. it would seem a shame if they didn’t.


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