Storm coming

I am trying a new way of field management this year – letting the horses and ponies take the top off and then quickly moving them on before the field becomes a mire.  They will return later and hopefully there will be some more autumn grass growth.

There is a huge storm forecast for the next couple of days and everyone was delighted to move.

BN2A8970 BN2A8971

Can you see the family resemblance?  These two are cousins.


The Minions followed their hero, Taktur and will no doubt continue to be a plague to him.  They move as a military formation…..


and then surround the “enemy”!


Kappi was very unimpressed with all this.  He, and Klaengur, are not being moved.  So for a while I watched Kappi trying to undo the gate.


I realise Haakon and Iacs are not exactly thin, but they are old and will never regain their youthful teenage figure so it is better for them to just happily be themselves.  Kappi and Klængur are young and it is unhealthy to be that fat at their age.


Afterwards, I popped to Jo’s with a big bag of barley rings for Raw Deal and had a quick chat with the visiting bird.


While I was at Jo’s, the storm started.  It is a bit like someone throwing buckets of water at the house.  This sort of weather puts out the electricity so I will finish before it goes.

Stay safe x


Edited:  2 minutes later – I let Kappi and Klaengur through to join the others.  It is now shitting down (meteorological term actually) and I just can’t leave them in a starvation field in a Force 9 gale with buckets of water being thrown at them horizontally.  I wouldn’t sleep at night knowing this.  They can go back to starving when it is less revolting outside.









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