Storm Abaiting

Last night was “feisty”.  The rain poured in bucket loads, the wind howled and the roof leaked.

I worried about the horses all night and made deals with any deity listening for them all to be alive in the morning.  Phew!  They were and looked totally oblivious to what had gone on.  I know I should have kept Kappi and Klaengur on their diet, but I am not sorry I moved them and we will work extra-hard at the slimming thing once the weather has died down.


The burn flooded last night beyond all proportions.  It was the highest I have ever seen – a friend took this photo last night.


This photo was taken by my neighbour a few years back from the same place who said, at the time, it was the most she had seen the burn flood in her lifetime (she is 80+).


So we are slowly getting back to normal.  It will take a few days for everything to dry out, including the furniture where the roof leaked.


The fencing took a bit of a bashing but nothing has been flattened.


We will need to do some work here, I think.


Today, I am being a lazy cow and not going out.  The wind remains strong and it is cold. My bones ache. I can see the ponies from my windows and do a hoof-count from there.

I am not sorry I moved the horses last night.  I refuse to feel guilty that I did.  It was the right thing to do.

3 thoughts on “Storm Abaiting

  1. Sam

    You did the right thing for the fatties. Diets don’t work when there isn’t a horse to torment with said diet. here’s hoping for sun and light winds and a roofer.


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