Sort of Snow

The weather has not been great – icy cold with huge flurries of sleet.  To prove that my heart is not made of ice….. (I mean how could I resist those little faces?), ….

….. I opened up the Leradale “hay-park” that I had been saving for February.  Everyone was much happier then and I felt better.

We’ve had some snow at home. Enought for all the boys to come in for hay in the morning and go back out after lunch feeling much fuller and warmer.  This weather takes it out of them, especially the old men.  Haakon has a rug on.  He hates it.

BeAnne has been running around. She loves snow. It’s her thing.

If there had been more snow, a certain cat would’ve been a bit more invisible and possibly happier but it is melting, or turning to ice depending on the time of day and we can still see him.

This photo was on my way home from checking the Minions and the girls.  It was quite dramatic.

This afternoon, I went into my shed and made a sheeple.

Not a very exciting day, but productive in a little way and I know everyone is alright.

4 thoughts on “Sort of Snow

  1. Linda

    Oh, those sweet nosies!

    And that storm photo reminds me of the Wizard of Oz tornado. (Just watched the movie yesterday…)

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    Anothee wonderful post filled with beautiful photos, which make me happy to be indoors in the heat. Love the lamb you made too.

  3. Jayne

    Your penultimate photo is certainly dramatic – assume those clouds were full of snow/sleet?

    Lovely to see BeAnne enjoying herself, my old girl always took on a new lease of life if the ground was frosted.


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