So Proud (sniff) !

I was on my own today.  OH went off to the Big L to fetch our weekly messages and Jo had borrowed my Land Rover.  I was going to be by myself with 5 horses, 3 bebbies, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 7 chickens, etc…..  (never alone).

Bessie, a friend who I have know since I arrived in Shetland, phoned.  She has always been a keen supporter of my equines since the original purchase of “super-tame” Fivla (the white one in the Fair Isle sweater Visit Scotland campaign).

Anyway, Bessie subsequently popped over this afternoon as she felt she should meet our latest arrivals – the Bebbies.  I warned her that they could be rather rumbustious but she was undeterred.  Tough lady.


I had fed the boys previously (Taktur’s leftovers mostly), given them “The Look”, warned them to behave and make me proud.  Sometimes, these three colts are not that good with visitors and tend to stay away rather than chat.  I suppose it is because they only see me on a regular basis (and Jo) really.  No one else.  But Bessie sat down and waited for them to come up to talk to her.  The natural Shetland pony inquisitiveness of the boys took over and Bessie was duly investigated, one at a time.

L1080465 L1080466 L1080468 L1080471 L1080476

It was lovely to watch and I was very proud of my little lads.  They have come a long way.


Bessie even discovered which button to press on Storm, that makes him the happiest Storm ever.


Yes, it does look pervy but he just loves having his bum scratched!  He goes all “Elephant Nose”.


I think the lads have made a new friend.


4 thoughts on “So Proud (sniff) !

  1. Nicky Callam

    They all have their elephant nose spots, including my big dressage warmbloods! I think our newest arrival (born on Sunday) is probably already bigger than your bebbies. She is huge!

  2. Linda

    Aren’t they just the best ambassadors for Shetland bebbies everywhere! And that “elephant nose” on Storm is a real hoot! Lucky Bessie…

  3. Linda

    Love love love this post!! Laughing out loud at the photos over a late dinner tonite. Thanks Frances! xoxoxo…..


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