Sludging with my Sledge

After my chores of the horsey and pony variety, I went off to town to try and knock my Christmas shopping on the head.  I tell myself that this year I will be organised.  So I tidied myself up into clean clothes because apparently I can’t go in my wellies, old jeans and smell of horses!

This Christmas, I hae decided to buy local as much as I can.  I don’t want to support Amazon.

I went in to town before the Christmas rush started. I think I did that fairly successfully today.

The light was appalling. The sun didn’t actually appeared today but shop I did, in a very determined fashion and I enjoyed myself passing the time of day with various local shop-keepers.

Eventually I trudged home with my sleigh pretty full of local lovely things which I will wrap up and distribute accordingly.

Mostly, it is mission accomplished.  Just a few more little things to get and that’s me, feeling smug until the usual last minute panic!

3 thoughts on “Sludging with my Sledge

  1. Kerry

    As its apparently the second best high street in Scotland (personally I think its the best!) , I would certainly eschew Amazon and go for it, I think the book shop is one of the best ever and had hoped to be doing my Christmas shopping there this year. Hopefully next year will see me bobbing along on my sleigh to Lerwick (and indeed to the most amazing craft fair)


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