Sleep Sheep Heap

We all went for a lovely ride and afterwards, as it was such a gorgeous afternoon, we sat on a hill in one of my fields and thought what a wonderful place Shetland is.

As always, the dogs and Lambie and Lambert came too.

L1180024 L1180058

We found a nice spot (not difficult) and sat down to admire the scenery, let the dogs/sheep potter while I took close-up photos of Devil’s-bit Scabious (Succisa pratensis), one of my favourite Shetland wild flowers.

L1180027 L1180044

This was our view.  How we suffered.


Fairly soon, Lambie decided he wanted to talk to us.


As did Lambert, who sat down behind Flossie – she said he was surprisingly comfortable.


Lambert has been quite aloof since his operation so it was lovely that he wanted to spend time with us.


When you think about it, however, who sits on a picnic rug with two sheep?


Do you think Lambie was perhaps jealous of Lambert moving in on the pet-sheep relationship?


So while Loki had fun investigating the five acre field…..


And Her Maj kept an eye on everything, in case it needed to die ….


…… Lambie and Lambert nodded off on the picnic blanket.


Lambert slept in very funny (funny peculiar, not funny ha-ha) positions.

L1180099 L1180087 L1180086   L1180107

I think you know you are loved when two sheep nod off beside you.   And you know you are an idiot when you shove up on your coat/blanket so that Lambie can have a dry place to rest as he doesn’t like wet grass very much!


And then the midges got us just that bit too much and we went home quickly.  I HATE MIDGES!

7 thoughts on “Sleep Sheep Heap

  1. Rebecca Final

    I love the scenery at your home. That stone structure is so beautiful. It makes me wonder what the people who had it however long ago, were like and what they did. Did they happen to be relatives of yours? Just beautiful.

    And the lambkins are so cute. they know they are safe.

  2. Terri

    [Sigh]…another perfect day in Shetland! (minus the midges) Those two lambs sure got lucky! Remember when Lambie could barely walk at all? Thanks to you and yours for insisting he try, and now look how happy and peaceful he and his BFF are. “Warms the cockles of one’s heart.” [does anyone really say that?]

  3. Linda Loba

    Who wants to sit on a picnic rug with two sheep? Why anyone given the chance! (especially with that view). Nice to hear Lambert is starting to feel like himself again…

  4. Sam

    First – not an idiot when keeping a Sleeping LambDog dry. Second – you are a lucky person to have two LambDogs snoozing on your lap. So thank you for showing us your lovely island home! And for not giving up on Lambie when he needed you.


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