Simmer Dim

Last night it was Simmer Dim, (Shetland dialect for the Summer twilight on the longest day of the year).  A perfect evening.

So, Klængur and I went for a lovely ride together.  We didn’t go all that far because someone is feeling a little sluggish having consumed 2kg of whole wheat a few days’ back, but we did manage some creditable tölts and good conversation.

We enjoyed ourselves and both came home smiling, which is my definition of a good ride out.  I think Klængur would agree. Forgive me, but I don’t take photos onboard as I need both my hands on the steering wheel!

Today, I rode Dreki – or as he is now known Twitface (bloody autocorrect – go figure!)

We are working our way through some fairly basic training issues and hopefully will come out the other side, realising that walking forward is what I want and trying to scrape me off on the boards is not.  Yesterday we did join-up and today we were a bit nicer.

I feel this training lark is going to be a long haul. I am not sure I am up for the challenge on my own but I am still standing so that has to be a plus.

Gah!  “Why can’t I have two nice horses?” – she wails!


“Is there enough gin in the world for this?” – she also wails!

3 thoughts on “Simmer Dim

  1. darby callahan

    there is nothing like the feeling after having a nice ride on your horse. especially sweet when you have accomplished something new or overcome a hurdle.

  2. Sam

    Glad you had a good ride with the glutton. Sorry Dreki thinks riding is more of a contact sport with the wall.


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