Short Straw


It’s Daisy here, having drawn the short straw of writing the blog. Mum has been reliving her nursing days by assisting our neighbour with transport to the hospital.  I wasn’t sure if I was up to the challenge of looking after the entire household/horsehold/doghold/cathold.

So it was up to me to walk the dogs today.

The search for rabbits ensued.


Loki prefers to jump across the burn rather than get his paws wet.


Meanwhile, BeAnne ponders life, gazing at her own reflection.


When Mum returned, we went to see the Bebbies.


There was constant competition for attention between the Bebbies and BeAnne.


I think we can agree who won.




Last but not least….

A photo of the author who deserves your appreciation for keeping this blog going everyday. Which is no easy task (believe me!).



9 thoughts on “Short Straw

  1. Celeste

    I LOVE THIS BLOG! I read it every day. Your photos are fantastic, your stories are great. I feel like I know your critters. Also reminds me of my trip to Shetland yrs ago. Thank you for all the work you do, you are appreciated over here in the US!

    1. Linda

      My daily inspiration! I come here for my pony(s) per day and smiles, chortles, and much much appreciation for the tireless author(s)!! xoxoxoxoxox from New York!

  2. Mairead

    This blog is such a joy to read! I love the photos, and I love the updates on all the animals. It also reminds me how much I want to return to Shetland. Thank you so much for bringing a small part of it into my life every day.

  3. Joanie

    I agree with both.
    YES! Great portrait of the two of you
    YES! You are much appreciated over here in the US.
    Your blog is always a high point in my day!

  4. Sam

    I too stop by daily, and Daisy, you did a great job today! Love the picture of your mom and The Queen!

  5. Linda

    Woo-hoo – good job Daisy! Love that very noble photo of BeAnn looking off into the distance, in deep thought, no doubt.
    And the last photo with your Mum was the perfect finale…


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