Shoes Back On

The day after the farrier left us, having trimmed Klængur’s hooves, I began to wish that I had asked him to put his front horseshoes back on so I could start riding again.  And then of course Klængur looked wonky for a while as well so there wasn’t much I could do anyway.

So, as another farrier was visiting the island, I asked him to come and put fronts back on Klængur, having “trotted” (or whatever gait) him up first.

Still not wearing my brave pants and I am never good riding in the indoor school (I spook before the horse does), I asked Daisy to ride my horse to see how sound he was under saddle and with his new shoes.

(the statutory carrot for standing still while mounting)

Daisy took it slowly to start with, riding Klængur on a long rein.

Once she felt confident Klængur felt sound, she took up the reins and it was very nice to see Klængur relax happily back into work.

Then she changed gear and they tölted merrily around the school together.

Reward = a nice stretch.

And then a quick tölt on the other rein.

Nothing too strenuous and Klængur obviously enjoyed being ridden. Daisy said he felt happy and relaxed so really there is nothing stopping me now.

I don’t know how I’ve managed to talk myself out of riding.  I will put my brave pants on tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Shoes Back On

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Brave pants are sometimes hard to come by, for anyone. Just keep moving forward and tomorrow will be fine!

  2. Linda Kirk

    Sometimes I have to wear my big girl pants when I’m riding, and I don’t mean my M&S knickers.

    Have a great time tomorrow.


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