Sheep Delivery

And so to town first thing this morning for a very important and essential routine appointment.  I would never miss one of these.

How is that for a view for the NHS wagon?  I bet they love coming here just to see the Clickimin Loch with the Clickimin Broch (an 8th century Pictish fort) in the distance.

We drove around Lerwick distributing Minion meet-and-greet leaflets and getting our messages,

A boat was in and the town for once was not deserted.

It makes such a difference to see folk about, peering through the windows, going into shops, taking an interest.  Lerwick is very pretty little town.

One of my main tasks was to fill up my field.  Since I started this venture of selling to the shops, I have sold 12 sheep since 7th May.  I am very chuffed.  Still only one puffin, though. Words fail on that score.

Never mind.  Shopping done and swifly back home – my favourite place.

I have just been to see Les Girls.

It can’t be too long for Brá now and, well, who knows what with Hetja. 

The spring Shetland flowers are beginning to take off.  Everywhere there is colour.

Madam followed me up the field to the gate, ever hopeful I will say “let’s go and do something”.  She would come into the house if she could.  One of those.

The rest of my diary for this week is beautifully empty so now I can spend some real time with my horses and ponies.

6 thoughts on “Sheep Delivery

  1. Kerry

    The wagon I had to use was in B&Q car park so I think you’re right
    Glad the squadhing of glands is done with and you can now enjoy a full week with your bevy of beauties

  2. Sam

    Good to get the chores done first so one can craft to one’s heart’s content. Even if a young gal wants to join you.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    As good as it feels to accomplish things, it’s even better to have have some “Me Time” and be able to do what you want and spend some time with the horses!!!!!!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Love seeing pictures of Lerwick and it is SUCH a pretty town. I have just got to visit Shetland one day. No wonder your home is your best place – it is all just my “cup of tea” and I love where you live. Spending time with your horses and ponies and your family and all your other critters, to me, it doesn’t get any better than that. Enjoy your day.

  5. Linda Loba

    Lerwick IS such a pretty town…with such gorgeous views!

    (just a thought: do ponies go through false pregnancies? )

    The true visitors will come eventually and see (and buy) your puffins 😉

    And enjoy all that “me time” you’ve got!!!!


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