Saturday’s Chores

Today was the turn of the trailer that we managed to break last week.  The beauty of this type of  essential equipment is that it is bolted together like Meccano so hopefully we can take it to bits, order the part we need and fix it ourselves.


Some helped more than others.


With brute force and absolutely no ignorance, we succeeded in getting the nuts and bolts off, dismantling the ramp and taking out the hinge that had sheered off.


This is the offending article.  Now to find it’s replacement on t’internet and order it.  Please God don’t let them screw us for the postage to the Highlands & Islands.


So one job done.  While Jo was playing Meccano, I fed the bebbies their lunch.  I looked at the portions and decided they are now eating about 4 and a 1/2 times more than when they first arrived.


Having a little feel of their spines, I do believe, and so does Jo, that their backbones are less pronounced and there is less pokey out bits to feel now.  That is very gratifying and let’s hope they start to fill out.


This is their little house.  The top door is bolted and they go in and out via the bottom one.


We put their mid-day hay and silage mix in there as the rain was coming and going accompanied by some fairly ferocious wind.


I think they spent their afternoon going in the stable and coming out of the stable, like Eeyore putting his burst balloon in the jar and taking it out again on his birthday.  Hours of entertainment and no one stood at the door like a dragon keeping guard.  They are all good friends on equal terms.

BN2A9555 BN2A9551 BN2A9550

Adorable too.


2 thoughts on “Saturday’s Chores

  1. Elisabeth

    The Bebbies are 100% ADORABLE.
    Would love to know what their actual height is.
    My guess would be about 30 inches, or are they even smaller ?

  2. Linda

    Thanks for the daily post Frances – I knew it! I knew they would start to feel bigger by now 😉
    Just a little little bit bigger but all good, going in the right direction. I love their little hobbit horsey house! That is so perfect 😉 Snog snog baby ponies!


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