Sancho Panza’s Donkey

This is me today.

I have been demoted to riding Sancho Panza’s donkey – Dapple (or Haakon as he is affectionately known).

So, Daisy and I went for a hack – this is the first bit, when we ride on a long rein to help the horses stretch.

Daisy rode her competition horse, Kappi.

He goes fast and very enthusiastically.

Going past local sheeples.

We even had a lovely canter.

I rode my old faithful Icelandic horse, Haakon. I have had him since he was three years old and he has never let me down but he is getting old (now 23) and is, perhaps, the “old style” functional farm model.

Over the years, we have been everywhere together.

His tölt is flat, comfortable but good and very kind to my back.

Sometimes we go up into the hill.  “Game of Thrones” territory.

And then home walking down the road in the Shetland summer sunshine.  We met absolutely no traffic.

A perfect ride.

But Haakon and I are still Sancho Panza on his donkey!  It is now the way it is.  We don’t really keep up anymore.

Riding is also very good therapy for me.

8 thoughts on “Sancho Panza’s Donkey

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Dearest Francis —– I think you did just fine and those outings are great. When I go out, most often alone, Smokey Robinson and I do a little bit of everything, but mostly we just amble along on whatever trail we’ve chosen. We’re in/back in about an hour and that suits us just fine, thank you.

    Youtwo probably (I hope) had a good time and looks like a fairly nice day to enjoy a ride.

    Best – MMR

  2. Terri

    Great videos! Daisy and Kappi look perfect together, and you and Haakon tölted so smoothly (seen only from his back, but nevertheless). What a wonderful ride it must have been!

  3. Sherry Walter

    You are so right about the therapeutic value. Sometimes I can barely find the energy to make the effort of grooming and tacking up but when I do it does so many good things for my outlook and state of mind.

  4. diane in northern wisconsin

    I love the videos today. That tolting is very fast and the sound is awesome. I’m glad you had a good ride and that is provides some therapy for you. I loved the sound of both horses on the video. Thank you for that. Peace.

  5. Nancy

    Kappi looks like he’s trying to get into canter but maybe Daisy is holding him back.
    (“Come on! There’s places to go!” ha ha!)
    Haakon’s tolt looks very steady. It must be fun to ride!


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