LD (Bardy) died this morning. I let him down.  There is nothing more to be said. He was loved.

So, today I have tried to keep myself busy.  We relaid the washed rubber mats in the stable with me on broom duty.  Then Daisy, Floss and I went for a good ride.  Haakon was wonderful and looked after a rather fragile version of me.

This afternoon, I spent some time with my other rescues trying to get my perspective back.  It is always good to talk to a Minion.  They are always very perceptive.

I went for a walk with the sheeples into the horses’ field.  They were keen to follow BeAnne and me.

Anywho, Minions are good for the soul.

I sat with them and had many hugs and kisses.

Seeing my happy little boys makes me realise I have some rescue success stories.

It does not make up for LD but, I tried my very best.  It was not enough.  There is a huge hole in my heart now.



21 thoughts on “RIP LD

  1. Sally Richmond

    So sorry little LD didn’t make it. Please don’t beat yourself up, you loved him and accidents happen they cannot be helped. He could have died despite his tumble and he was warm, dry and cared for. Without you he would have been attacked by predictors or died shivering and alone on the ground.

  2. Terri

    I’m so sorry. But you did NOT let him down. He was loved!
    Having been where you’re at more than once, I understand your sadness. xo
    PS I like to believe his little spirit soars somewhere with his species in a beautiful murmuration.

  3. Bea

    You didn’t let him down at all, you tried but it wasn’t to be. Life is like that. Look at all your successes, you have much to be proud of.

  4. Cathy

    So sorry Bardy didn’t make it. You gave him the best possible chance, love, warmth, comfort and safety from predators.

    Wild birds are so difficult to rescue, and so easy to get attached to.

    What a sensitive boy Haakon is, and all your Minions too.

  5. Carol E

    You gave him a warm, comfortable, loving chance. The odds of survival for young birds are always tentative. Please don’t take it personally. You have saved so many wonderful creatures in recent years. Thank you for all the photos of their darlingnesses.

  6. Darby

    I am so sorry Frances. looking at your photos I see so many beautiful animals who would not be here save for your care and kindness. your are the best!

  7. Linda

    Oh Frances you simply can’t save them all, but just look at all the bundles of sweetness, happiness and life that you have saved. You deserve all those nosey kisses.

    A big hug to you-

  8. Colleen

    I echo all the comments
    Please do not be too hard on yourself. Bardy had good days with you. Reflect back on his singing/ sqawking and his joy being with you on your trips. Glad the sheeples and minions are there for you. Critters seem to sense when we are hurting in body and soul. All your followers: hairy, feathered, furred wooly, and critters lovers appreciate you and your efforts and all the beautiful pictures and wonderful words you share with us.

  9. diane in northern wisconsin

    Oh Frances, I’m so sorry to read about little Bardy. Wild birds are so very difficult to rear, especially when they are so little. I’m sure you have learned a lot about birds since you tried to help Bardy, in case you should ever get handed another little bird to try to help in some way. It seems to me that you have had much success in your dealings with rescues. You seem to have a heart of gold and that goes a long way in aiding unfortunate creatures. No, they don’t all make it, but I think you have a great track record. Thank you for your kind heart and for doing what you could, with the little bird. Blessings to you!

  10. May

    I’m so sorry. You gave Bardy love and care and a little more time. More, you give the rest of us inspiration. Rescue (and any kind of parenting) takes effort and the courage to face possible risks. You step up and do it. You have a full house and full fields of the people & creatures grateful for that.

  11. louise whyte

    i have tried with many wild birds and have had very very limited success, two pheasants made it, everything else died despite best efforts

  12. Louise Stopford

    So sorry little Bardy didn’t make it. Gosh I feel close to tears after following you on your journey with Bardy. You did an amazing thing caring for him and now he can fly high over the rainbow bridge and be safe and happy forever.

  13. Nancy

    I’m sorry Bardy didn’t make it. But you did all you could to help him! Please try not to be sad about it.

    I love all your photos today! I could look at photos of the minions and everybody all day… =)


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