Resentment comes in many forms

This morning BeAnne and Loki had a dust-up outside the chicken shed and BeAnne came off worst.  Naturally she is full of misery, resentment and feeling very sorry for herself.  Apparently, she may never walk again. We discovered a couple of small wounds which will be monitored carefully and I diagnose that her prognosis is good.


But resentment has good mileage if you are BeAnne.   She climbed under the desk when I mentioned going outside.


I eventually, after much cajoling, got her to go outside and then there was the sit down strike accompanied by “The Look”.


At that stage, I put her on a lead and I walked forwards, while she walked backwards.  Luckily for me she is a bear of very little brain and quickly forgot what it was she was hating.


And hopefully we are back to normal.


Meanwhile, I keep looking at The Fatties and wandering if they are looking slightly thinner.  Do you think so?  Perhaps?  A smidgeon?

L1120642 L1120644

Their eyes bore through me with an equine version of resentment and I feel awful.  I am not good at diets for myself or my animals.

L1120647 L1120652

But then I look at their field, and think that is not actually too bad.


There is resentment everywhere around me.  I think I might go into a decline now.



2 thoughts on “Resentment comes in many forms

  1. Linda

    We’re all thankful at times that dogs don’t seem to have much long-term memory!
    And I understand all too perfectly how that diet thing with us and our animals goes…


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