Rescuing ‘Ster

A busy morning spent recording with my fan(s) and he was adamant I should not make this terrible noise.  After a while, I was beginning to agree with him, so I put my flute down, and took the dogs out for a walk instead.

We spent the first half of the dog walk in the field where the sheep had moved themselves to since breakfast.  But there were only 6 sheep and I have 7.  ‘Ster was missing.  Originally, the sheep had started their day in a completely different field but they know where to get under a fence and I don’t mind as long as they stay on my property.  They have the run of the place.

So I set off to look for ‘Ster and my aim was to reunite him with his flock.

Obviously Monster came too.

The field I thought ‘Ster was in, is large – very long and thin and we began our search.

Of course, ‘Ster was at the far end, looking very forlorn while he sat and, I suppose, waiting to be rescued.

Bored of walking miles, I sat on a nearby rock and called him.  Luckily he heard me and came running over, relieved to be found.

Silly ‘Ster. He only had to follow his friends but apparently he had forgotten how.

So we all (two dogs, one cat and a sheep) turned around and walked back to the house and the field that had the other sheep.

I told ‘Ster I would put him back with his friends.

And that’s what I did.  You can see the other sheep in the distance. Little woolly dots, eating.

‘Ster is possibly not the brightest star in our firmament.

5 thoughts on “Rescuing ‘Ster

  1. MaryB

    That’s why he has you and Monster to look after him !
    Love the final photo…..that cat has a very determined gait.

  2. Colleen McNamara

    I am so impressed at the diligence and how seriously Monster takes his role in herding up the lost souls. Wow he really gets his steps in. ( you do too) I showed his picture to our “white cat” but he said not for me. Of course he is 13 yrs old and looking a bit gaunt. Also no outside running around here, coyotes think of cats as appetizers . We also have a resident great horned owl.
    So glad your found Ster and all is OK. Isn’t there something in Little Bo Peep about ” leave them alone and
    they’ll come home wagging their tails behind them”? guess Ster is not a prolific reader.
    Ya all Take care out there .


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