Yesterday, en route to the Minions, Floss and I dropped in on Brá and her field friends, Kolka and Harvey.

And Brá, without any of her usual hesitation or nervousness, walked up to the Flossie to say hello with ears forward and a lovely smiley face.  This is a first.  It has only taken 3 and a half years but it is a step forward and one I am very pleased with.  I honestly never thought I would see the day she did this.

It is all about trust with Brá.  She doesn’t give it easily, you have to work for it and she really has to think long and hard whether she can trust you at all even.  But yesterday she did and I think she liked the reward.  It wasn’t complicated for her.  Be nice and someone will be nice back.  I wish I had owned Brá earlier and had more of an input into the way she perceives people and life in general.  You just don’t know what she has seen that makes her how she is.

Harvey was the other side of the burn, by himself, looking rather gorgeous.

He is a very handsome lad.  (I may be secretly in love ❤️ with him)

5 thoughts on “Remarkable!

  1. Kerry

    Well done to you all. Your loving handling and patience has won through.

    And as for Harvey – wowser, he looks like he could audition for Poldark!

  2. Sam

    Love and time, that’s what Bra wanted. Now Harvey is one handsome dude with his mane and feathers.
    Well done with Bra, well done!

  3. diane in northern wis

    So happy to see such good things coming from your Bra. That’s awesome. You’ve undoubtedly done great work! Love that Harvey too….so beautiful indeed.


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