rainfall, fall, showers, deluge, drizzle, downpour, precipitation, raindrops, cloudburst

damp,  soaked,  soaking,  dripping,  saturated,  drenched,  watery,  soggy,  soddenwaterlogged, dank,  sopping,  aqueous,  wringing wet

We have had a vile 24 hours of endless rain and wind with another 24 hours more rain to come.

I knew the storm was coming.  I put all the horses into the Fat Field so they would have food in their bellies and shelter if they wanted it.


Yesterday was spent mostly indoors except when there was a brief respite after lunch when I managed to get Taktur up to feed.

Today, the weather forecast said it would clear up at 10:00 and at exactly 10:00 the endless rain stopped and the wind died down.  Most odd but I wasn’t going to argue so I made the most of it and went out to check that everyone was ok.


Hjalti and his mother, Hetja, were in the middle of their field with the rest of their herd, oblivious of the weather.


At the top of the hill is a large dip where they often shelter.


Esja (greyer blob in the middle) was happy enough and I left her to it rather than interrupt the important task of eating.


She has enough fat on her anyway to keep her warm.


Raw Deal, Vitamin and Lyra were at the corner of their field near the road so I threw some carrots at them.


While soaked, they all seemed happy enough.


So I am not concerned anymore.  It always sounds far worse when you are lying in bed listening to the screaming wind and hammering rain in the wee small hours.


I worry someone might melt (and yes, Storm has a rug on because he must not melt – he wouldn’t like that)!

4 thoughts on “rainfall, fall, showers, deluge, drizzle, downpour, precipitation, raindrops, cloudburst

  1. Rebecca Final

    Amazing, hearty ponies in their element. But yes, we worry anyway. When you are a Mom, it’s what you do. As I tell my son – ‘Deal with it!’


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