Rain and More Rain

I am so fed up.

Fed up of the weather – it never stops raining.  Everything, both inside and outside, is wet, damp or muddy.


Everywhere is waterlogged.


The horses are fed up.  Lambie and Ster are fed up. Even Loki is fed up and doesn’t want to go out much.

So I thought I would cheer myself up with the most magical of noseys.


Dear little Hjalti who never says he is fed up, never complains and always smiles offering magical nose kisseys.


Little Mr Optimism who takes it all in his stride, diligently following his mother and Tante Esja everywhere they go.


I adore this little chap.  He looks like his mum and has his father’s character.  The best of every world, then.

I think his nosey has magical restorative powers.  When Hjalti comes to talk to me it means he is genuinely interested and wants to tell me what he thinks.

7 thoughts on “Rain and More Rain

  1. Crol Wood

    It makes me feel better to hear that I am not the only one playing in the Somme each day!!!!! Tonight in North Lincolnshire, on the south bank of the Humber, opposite Hull we are experiencing high winds which means the mud is drying up – until tomorrows forecast rains descend upon us, then back to sludge!!!!!

    Apollo is tucked up in his stable with his friend Charlie – he would like to know if it is his Grannie that is one of the

  2. big ears

    today was one of the few days I didn’t walk the poodles, it was just so dismal, wet, cold, miserable, just ran out of steam

  3. CA Carol

    Up Helly Aa!

    (What kind of good wishes are appropriate? “May your winter boat burning be not too dampened by howling wet miserable Storm Jonas”?)

    Hope it eases soon…

  4. Carol Wood

    It is the same here – mud, mud and more mud!!!! Nowhere is dry. The horses / ponies are bored. They are lathered in mud and, like yours are, stood around the hay pile, waiting to come into their stables – to more hay!!

    The winds come, the mud dries to a bearable level then along comes more rain!!!!!

    I cannot remember a winter ever being so wet for so long. It’s reminiscent of that awful winter 5 years or so back when it snowed, snowed then snowed again from November to March!!!!

    Your whinge is totally justified!!!!!


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