Pregnant Hetja

I went to visit my pregnant mare, Hetja frá Skeiðháholti (pronounced Het-yer).


According to my calculations, she is due at the earliest on the 22nd(ish) of June or even later.


Poor Hetja has that face – the face of one who is very pregnant and beginning to feel it.  I know this feeling – it is uncomfortable but a necessity.  She will be thrilled when her first foal arrives.


Anyway, Hetja is beautiful in her pregnancy.   She is a gorgeous mare who will make the best mother.  She is so loving and takes other horses under her care if they need her.


She did this for Esja who was a yearling filly when they all came over from Iceland in 2012.  Esja found travelling stressful and Hetja stepped in as her Mum and looked after her all the time  She still does. Esja remains very attached to Hetja.   We will separate them before Hetja’s foal arrives.


Esja may start her training too if she is mature enough.  She will be 4 years old this year.


Exciting times ahead.

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