Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy is tough on any lady so I am very aware of Brá’s condition and watch her all the time.  She is due at the beginning of May (ooooooh, it is so exciting) and I can’t wait.

Today, I had some cauliflower stalks and carrot peelings that needed a home and gave them to Brá.  She only ate the carrot peelings – fussy mare.  She does have extra feed for pregnant mares every day.


So I gave the cauliflower stalks/leaves to a grateful vulture who was lurking.


I read an article about the benefits about massage in pregnancy so I thought I would give it a go with Brá.  Since arriving at Thordale, she has been an aloof mare,  This may be because she is the only pregnant mare in the herd, or because she is like this normally.  We will find out later once the foalio appears.


But, at the moment, I am working on our relationship because it is important that Brá trusts someone once her baby is born.

I think the massage/back rub was a success.  She was leaning into me and relaxing into it.


Afterwards, as the sun was shining, I let Brá wander around outside without her rug.


(I love her goofy donkey-ear look – Brá is becoming more and more tuned into me being around and will follow without being asked.  She trusts me to help her, get her out of any potential arguments and will now lead with her chin hairs – a Thordale necessity).


Anywho, I am crossing everything (and please can you too) for a healthy foal and mare in May.


8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Care

  1. Linda

    Did I miss something? I don’t remember reading that Bra was pregnant! How exciting, and it sounds like you’re well on your way to gaining her trust. 🙂

    (Don’t you just love those leans? I get them from our dog all the time…)

  2. Linda K

    All fingers and toes crossed. I wonder if she feels vulnerable because of her condition and that’s why she’s been aloof.

  3. Terri

    Maybe Brá is stand-offish because no one speaks Icelandic or Norwegian. Your hands-on (literally) approach will succeed in the end, surely. She already responds to your TLC. Don’t you just love “leaning in”?
    PS I don’t blame her for not liking cauliflower. Horrid veggie.

  4. Sam

    I am with Bra on the cauliflower (major ick) and the massages (yes, please!) Do love the vulture lurking about for tidbits! keeping my fingers crossed for an easy birth of a beautiful foalio!


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