Pottering Around the Croft

Today, I have been relaxing and pottering around the croft.

Lambert is officially a hill sheep now.  He almost came back to the house this afternoon and, when I went out to bring him home, he said no thank you and walked off with his friends.

Lambie is on top form.  He is over his sulk and enjoys eating (and wearing) the Rosa Rugosa (Shetland Wild Rose).


Lambie’s horns grow inward and a crofter friend told me that they will grow into his head unless I trim them.  I did not know this and I was nervous but I managed to cut the ends off with the dogs’ nail clippers.  Lambie was very good and stood still.

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Lambster is Lambie’s devoted follower (as Daisy says, he is doomed then!) –  a darling boy who has come out of his shell, relaxed and well behaved, with lovely manners.  Such a pleasure to have around.


Though not hugely tame with folk he doesn’t know, he will talk to me.  He likes BeAnne very much.  I think he must’ve grown because he is much bigger than her now.


I left the horses to do their own thing as they were far away and not watching out for me.


Iacs and Haakon especially need a day off after yesterday.   Being nice is always tiring.  They must be exhausted!


Les Grandes Dames are allowed to wander around the place.  Vitamin wants to be with the others so she can boss the little ones around.  I might let them through sometimes.


Delia is very stiff but has started supplements for that.  She potters about.  I think she looks good and she always demands and enjoys her food.


I don’t think this is a bottom that is too thin.  Just right.




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