Pol Pot

When you read fairy stories, it always ends “and they all lived happily after”.  It never reads “and then Cindarella decided Prince Charming was a spoilt brat who liked his own way and they had to resort to relationship counselling to make their marriage work”.

***** sigh *****

It started well.  Storm and Stardust were obviously friends, well so I thought as they came cantering up to me this morning.


I brought food, in two bowls and watched Storm being rude, aggressive and generally very nippy.  He had a go at nipping me (bad idea) and Stardust.  Then he decided Stardust’s food was obviously much nicer than his so swung his bum and kicked him off his food.  Of course Stardust never retaliated and I split the bowls up to be further away.  Stardust is not the brightest and once Storm had stolen his food, he didn’t have the wit to go and look for Storm’s bowl.


Storm was furious with me for taking away the others who suddenly had become his bestest friends ever.


Storm does not want to be a nanny.  He has told Stardust that he rules The World.


And Stardust needs a friend right now, not Pol Pot.


But despite this shameful behaviour, Stardust does worship his new friend.


I decided to let Waffle out to see if he could temper the situation a little and he did his best.

BN2A2887 BN2A2889

He wanted to play with Stardust but could see there was no reaction.


I left them eating together.  Silver had gone off and I will see about introducing him tomorrow, all being well.


It is very early days, I know, but I wanted an instant happy ending.  Not a despot showing me up.


On a plus side, I did catch Stardust, had a long tickly conversation with him and he began to groom me back.  When I asked him to walk, he bucked about an inch off the ground so that shows there might be a spark of spirit deep deep down.

6 thoughts on “Pol Pot

  1. doris

    Well, they are only human…if you are always the crap of the bowl and than suddenly there is another…just how great ! kindergarten time remebered…

  2. Linda K

    Little rotter! Still, Storm is only a baby himself really. Perhaps he thinks Stardust is a rival for your attention. I’m sure Stardust will be one of the gang soon. If not, you might be acquiing a friend for him!

  3. Sam

    Storm is like most kids who have been bullied – doing unto others what was done to him. Plus he feels that he The King of this tiny one. Glad to hear Stardust liked his chat with you.


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