Playing with the Boys

We needed to help a friend out.


If you ask, I will never say no (unless of course I have something I can’t get out of like a spinal operation or injection – that sort of thing takes unavoidable preference. Next Wednesday, I will be busy.)


Anywho, having been asked, we went to help with some stallions.


They were a bunch of awesome dudes.


They liked carrots and people – and probably in that order!


I am a huge fan of stallions.


They have a great attitude to life.


Basically, it is black or white.  Nothing else.

(I was responsible for showing this little miniature skewbald colt.  He managed to roll and then sit on his bottom in the show field – he was bored and, funnily enough, we did not win.  Can’t think why not.)


Stallions have beautiful forelocks.


Long flowing manes.


And always tell you what they are thinking – very expressive.


Some even like to eat amongst purple flowers, whilst still remaining beautiful and manly.


Their home is this field – huge and many stallions/colts or, as I call them, little boys, norty little boys, happily live there.  With so many stallions and colts together there is lots of playing.


Even so, they all have their own special friend who they stay with all the time.


Love is a many splendored thing.


But it can also involve teeth!


As I said, dear little boys or norty little boys!  You decide.

3 thoughts on “Playing with the Boys

  1. Sam

    Dear dirty norty boys – reminds me of my 2 brothers. Who when told to stay out of the mud because we were leaving soon for dinner with Grammie – went right to the deepest part of the puddle. Then they wondered why I had locked all the doors, set a timer on a stool by the back door and was walking in circles cussing. Every time they knocked on the door, I added another minute to the timer. After I calmed down, I tossed them norty ones in the car and let them explain to Grammie why there was mud all over her clean floor.


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