Photo Overload of Gorgeousness

I don’t think I can actually take too many photos of Moonpie at the moment.

She is my very definition of enchantment.


She has a very knowing look about her.

She studies everyone and everything very carefully.


We are always being watched.

And the her little floofy beard.

It is just the most beautiful floofy beard in the whole known world.

There is no denying it.  Big sister, Lilja, is a tad jealous but she is also desperate to talk to Moonpie.  To meet her sister.

Hetja is having absolutely none of it.

And then Lilja forgets The Rule (that would be “None shall even look at Miss Moonpie.  Not now, not never”) and we all duck!  Hetja means serious business.  You believe that face.

Of course Moonpie is totally oblivious (she pretends) and takes no notice ruling Hetja beautifully.

She is into cantering around the field at the moment and poor Hetja has to go too.

Hetja won’t let Moonpie out of her sight.

This the face of a mother who has been dragged everywhere by her small daughter.

Brá looks on but like Lilja is not allowed to talk to the precious.

This afternoon’s photo is a huge advancement, however.  For one, Moonpie has managed to cross the stream.  Her flat refusal despite Hetja’s urgings yesterday resulted in everyone staying one side of the field.  It was amusing watching Hetja give in and walk back over the stream while Moonpie cantered off triumphantly.  Seeing them all together now and fairly close is also very interesting.  I hope Hetja lets her precious talk to the others soon, if only to get some rest.  She is far less foal-proud than previous years and those potential baby-sitters could come in useful.

3 thoughts on “Photo Overload of Gorgeousness

  1. Kerry

    Totally agree with you – you simply can’t take too many phtotos of the gorgeous girl and those around her. Thank you for these enchanting pictures which are so innocent and cheerful

  2. Sam

    You are right, you simply can not take too many photos of Moonpie. I do hope Hetja let’s the Aunties near her Bebe soon.


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