Penthesilea Ducky

We don’t tend to name our ducks. Yes, we have black duck, Mr Ducky, Mrs Ducky,….. etc, but, as I say, we don’t name our ducks.  But I did name our baby duck – Penthesilea because she was an Amazon over the winter, working tirelessly to make everything mud.

Penty (her nickname) is a sweetie.  She spends much of her time on her own in search of a hooman to feed her and to avoid “relations” with her father.

We all adore her.

I spent the last bit of my afternoon mooching about taking photos of the sheep.


Yes, Harrel!

Edna and Pepper

Lambie being…. well, Lambie.

That’s more like it.

‘Bert has forgiven me finally.

Oh. My. Word.  That Smile. Be still my beating cold and lifeless heart.

And then there is Penthesilea who had been silently following me looking for food.

Yup, there she is.

Sheep, duck, dog….

A few more photos (awww, sweet).

And I made my way back to the feed shed….. guess who fronted the queue?

Food out for my little ducky Amazon.

And ‘Bert is cool. So you know.

4 thoughts on “Penthesilea Ducky

  1. Sam

    Nice to have a critter who seems polite about when food is delivered. Did not recognize Harrell at first.
    And Lambie’s smile is wonderful.

  2. Miss Linda Kirk

    Harrel looking very majestic. He’s expanded quite rapidly. I had no idea sheep grew so quickly.
    I love the photos of Bert.


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