Over To Sandness

It is very hot here – 18 degrees centigrade – so we went to the beach.  I love the beach and am always the one at the back loitering with the camera.


Out of nowhere my OH produced a tennis ball for BeAnne.  This is rarely any wood.


The Arctic Terns are back.  There were only a few screeching above us.  They are very quick and not easy to photograph.

BN2A0365 BN2A0376

I crept up on this Shalder – Shetland dialect for Oyster Catcher.


The beautiful sea pinks are just beginning.


The path to the beach was a fabulous place for the Shetland Bumblebee (Bombus muscorum agricolae)


I have been asked to take photos of my girls from Iceland.  So here they are.  Here is Hetja.  My mare and soon-to-be wife of Taktur.


She is a darling girl who will make the loveliest mother.  She “adopted” Esja when they travelled over together from Iceland.


Esja is growing up fast.  She is 3 years old this year but still an inquisitive baby in her head.


Some Icelandic horses are started in their third year and turned away but Esja is definitely not ready for this and we will wait a year for her to “grow up” in her head.


Anyway, it was lovely to see my beautiful girls.


Klængur is err, cough, umm…… (hides head in shame) …… very, very, very FAT!  We are going to bring him back to Thordale tomorrow.  I am tempted to put him in with The Minions so they will chase and chase him until he loses some weight.  But work will begin as I think he looks like a miniature Suffolk Punch Horse.  He is still very loving, though.


3 thoughts on “Over To Sandness

  1. Melissa

    18 degrees centrigrade at your beach? More like 27 degrees at ours, winter here, but wetsuits not required for staying warm; we do have to watch out for stingers and crocs some parts of year. Love the photo of Shetland bumblebee who looks big enough to saddle.


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