Outside with Cruciferous Vegetables

After breakfast, everyone ran off to be outside.  No more standing in sheds waiting for the rain to stop – until the next storm which is lurking on the horizon.


Even Les Grandes Dames wanted out, which is unheard of by them.


I always think after a long night of being stuck indoors, everyone needs space.


Anyway, this leads me nicely to showing you Iacs and BeAnne eating all the cauliflower and broccoli stalks.


I am feeling very sorry for Iacs. His foot his not doing anything much, though his lameness is not as bad, but he doesn’t want to go out into the field. I am not going to force him because the fields are muddy and if there is an abscess brewing, then it will do it no good standing 24/7 in knee-deep gutter and shitery.

Iacs has one unique talent.  He is most famous for his ability to pass wind at any given situation, including while recording a legendary Norwegian tv sitcom where he farted every time the director said “Silence, please” to start to record and film the dialogue.  It was so bad that they gave up and said “we’ll dub over it”.


I dread to think what BeAnne will be like tonight.


Surprisingly, Lambie and Ster were not interested in the shrubbery lying on the ground.

BN2A1499 BN2A1502

Ster is a changed sheep. He has grown and filled out beautifully.


Iacs is determined to fill out with his own personal silage bale.  If that keeps him happy, then he is welcome to it.


5 thoughts on “Outside with Cruciferous Vegetables

  1. Sam

    Can one make money farting on cue? That cracked me up! Love the more adult LambDog faces! And good luck with BeAnne not violating the Clean Air Act in the house.

  2. Linda

    Ah well, now you just know you’re in for it, giving them cauliflower and broccoli…brace yourself!

    Love that story about Iacs and breaking wind – I’m sure he does it on purpose with that kind of timing!

    And how handsome Ster is looking all noble and calm; Lambie looks like he’s up to something, though… 😉

  3. Darby

    sending healing vibes to the talented Iacs, I wasn’t aware of his special ability. I was also wondering about those little stone houses?

  4. Nancy

    I wonder if it’s the broccoli that’s causing the gas?!
    I guess Iacs was trying to preserve his farting skill on film!! ha ha!!

    I enjoy your blog very much and always look forward to the next story. =)
    Thank you for sharing your life with us, especially people like me who have to sit in an office all day with no fresh air!


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