Outside Sunday

My friends came over to spend some time with me at Thordale and to hug the Minions. They are keen Minion huggers.

After lunch, I said that the dogs needed walking and so they joined me. We went the usual route and I took Waffle along for the ride, so to speak, as it is good for every little Minion to be independent and to see The Big Outdoors occasionally.

He was fine on the way out but a bit of a berk when we turned for home as he saw a pretty Welsh mare he fancied.


Afterwards, although not a sunny Sunday afternoon, we sat down outside and drank Crabbie’s ginger beer watching the Minions and sheep peacefully eating around us.


Lambie immediately plonked himself down beside me and chewed his cud in a noisy way directly into my right ear.

He still has the most beautiful and fascinating eyes of any sheep so I forgive him the smelly burps.


Taktur wanted to join us so I let him out of his field.  He came over to gently loom.


Waffle was intrigued by the ginger beer and had a few swigs.


And then he went to sleep!


Storm, on the other hand, was looking for things he could annoy with.  He managed to eat the corner of the tissue box, smiling sweetly!


A perfect Sunday afternoon.

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