Outside Chores

I have been watching the weather forecast avidly as today’s is a humdinger – another storm.  This morning has been devoted to getting all my outside chores done as quickly as possible before the weather disintegrates.

As I am now without any help from my girls (all now safely back at their respective universities), everything falls down to me again.  It was nice to have help while it lasted.

So I brought Taktur down from his hill field to be fed his food.


While he ate, I listened to Sherlock Holmes on my iPod sheltering in the lee of the container/shed.  I took a few grotty photos as well.

 L1060546  L1060551L1060537

BeAnne, as ever, was around offering help and support.  She likes to help herself to the bits that Taktur drops.  Anyway, she never leaves my side no matter what the weather does.


Once Taktur had made a clean bowl, I returned him to his field.  Next I took Jack out for his little walk to the end of the track and back.  He grumbled about getting out of bed but is still enjoyed it once outside (OH walked Loki as he goes further and BeAnne refuses to go with him).

Then I went into the house, shut the door and bolted it behind me.  With that the storm gathered pace.


I might have had a little snooze on the sofa this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Outside Chores

  1. Jess

    beautiful pictures, I love a woolly winter coat…the weather doesn’t seem far from anyone’s mind at the moment, my horse has spent a rare day in the yard today. xx

  2. Jen Breese

    BeAnn looks cute when she’s wet. Good to hear your girls are safely back in university. Nice to have a steady companion in her. Hope the storm wasn’t too destructive.


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