Our “Turf Blister”

Do you remember the creepy waterbed-like spot in my field that Flossie jumped up and down on?

Apparently it is known as a “Turf Blister” and they are quite rare.

So the other evening, when the sun was setting, my OH and I went into the field to burst it as the ground had become even more wet, and I didn’t want a horse to put its hoof through, or the water to move downslope to create a landslide.

We also have underground streams and sinkholes in the scattald (hill) surrounding my croft.  This is can be an unstable peaty environment.

And Yes, I worry.  And yes, everyone else laughs at me!

I will confess that I was slightly disappointed of the lack of the geyser when my OH put the heavy iron rod in.


Interestingly, what came out was almost clear water – not liquid mud.  The rod went down as far as bedrock – OH reckons it was an underground rock bowl that filled up and pushed up the earth above it into a blister.


I have searched the internet for other explanations but can’t find much that is similar to what we had.


The “blister” slowly went down overnight and has now sunk back to being slightly concave.


And the sun set rather beautifully too.


4 thoughts on “Our “Turf Blister”

  1. Linda K

    Yes, I’d have been scared of it as well! Interesting, but definitely creepy, it had a touch of the Grimpen Mire about it.


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