Our Baby Dragon

Dreki is 3 years old (and so is his sister, Lilja) and today Daisy and I thought we could do some training with him.  Obviously, Dreki’s day-to-day life always involves some instruction – like “back, back” to step backwards and not crowd when we open the gate and he has good on-the-ground manners too.

We brought him in with Efstur who was also doing some in-hand work today.

Dreki has wintered well and is growing nicely. He is a tall boy too.

You would know, if you met him, that Dreki is his father’s son – Taktur.

He is still a baby in many ways – I saw this when I was walking him round the school – there was such a huge difference between him and Efstur (a year older).

When I asked Dreki to halt he would put his nose up for a kiss!  We practiced leading (walking and stopping when I stopped and not barging past me), being tied up while not being a berk, and then having each hoof picked up.  All easily done.

We will keep doing little bits with him. Nothing to brain taxing because he is still just a 3 year old and really doesn’t have equipment (his little grey cells) ready.

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